Hey, crew!

Last week, I flew home mid-week to catch up with some friends while my car windshield gets checked out. The major cracks are spreading, which isn’t great — and scheduling the appointment is hard because I’m not exactly sure where I’ll be, when. I was quoted on a new windshield which was about $400 — a far cry from the ~$220 last year I paid to have it replaced (rocks seem to happen a lot).

That said, it’s been nice to be home, to catch up with great friends and to work from a sure location.

I flew out of Denver International Airport, but beforehand I was able to do a little sightseeing on my drive West from Moab.

I stopped in Fruita and Grand Junction, Colorado, just over the border, to see the Colorado National Monument.

The drive in was neat — although I was a little, like, wait, what am I doing here? But it turned out to be awesome.

Some of the national monuments I’ve seen have been small and short — and others have been so extensive, they’ve felt more like national parks. Colorado National Monument did not disappoint — it was substantial, comprised of many red rock canyons and scrubby outcroppings.

After this tour, which took about an hour’s time, I continued driving through Colorado on I-70, and watched the weather change as much as the landscape. Although it was May, many signs on the highway warned of a coming snowstorm in the mountains for the following day. I had wanted to make a stop along the mountain highway at Shrine Pass, but unfortunately the road was so snow-covered it was impassable. Interesting!

I did make a short stop in Dillon, Colorado, to check out the Marina Park Pavilion. Just passing through, the scenic viewpoint was attractive for the awesome reservoir and snow-capped peaks, and it was totally worth it.

I’d wanted to keep stopping — to see the views and check out Loveland Pass, but I figured it wasn’t worth it with the weather. I’ll return later on in the spring and summer seasons.

I was making my way East — and stayed around Limon, Colorado, with a friend to work. Limon’s a pretty desolate area, with rolling fields and windmills all around (and an awesome Taco Bell, honestly the people there know what they’re doing).

I’ll be back in a little while with some more tales of adventure and exploration — for now, rest assured I’m doing well at home!