Hey, just giving a quick update — for the beginning of my week, I stayed over to work Monday – Thursday in Seguin, Texas, to utilize their great library for Internet and a quiet workspace.

Staying in town, I was able to interact with the locals — shoutout to the girls at the Powerplant grill for making sure I got to my car safe when some brawny dudes were giving me trouble.

I definitely appreciated the ability to settle in and focus on work this week, and I had a LOT of work.

And I got to try some local food, mostly at the aforementioned as well as grabbing some loaded baked potatoes at Kirby’s Korner, a local fast food joint.

I also tried to do some of the cute little things present in town — like seeing the world’s largest pecan, and a nutcracker museum?? They really love pecans here.

As my work week came to a close, I hit the laundromat and got everything in line, and set off in the general direction towards Big Bend National Park, which is in the west of Texas.

On the way, I stopped by Lost Maples state park and caught a glimpse of the scenery.

Partway through my drive southwest, an overwhelming feeling of fatigue overcame me, and I had to pull over on the side of the road to sleep for an hour and a half. People ask me how I deal with all this driving, and here’s the answer — sometimes, usually in an afternoon, I get completely exhausted, so I have to take a break so I don’t drive off the road. Even though I get 8hrs a night, sometimes it just … happens. Listening to your body is good.

Although this was of course a good and worthwhile stop, it set me back a bit, so I stopped overnight in Del Rio, Texas.

It’s a town right on the border with Mexico, and so driving around this area means you have to deal with border patrol and stopping at certain checkpoints, even if you haven’t left the country. It was a little unnerving, but I survived.

I have more to say, but as the title mentions… I’m exhausted. I’m going to try and take some more breaks and I’ll update you soon with how my time at the national parks goes.