Check out my second Prius dwelling setup.  

First and foremost, my goal for camping and travelling in a Prius is stealth.  So my prerogative is to have as few modifications to the exterior of the Prius as possible, and pack in a way that allows me to move about freely on the inside of the vehicle to allow for what I need to get done.  This means no cool bumper stickers or spoiler, and no opening my trunk just to get to the granola bars.

Exterior modifications I made to the prius include the addition of rain guards and window tint.  

Rain guards are important that I may crack my windows and have some airflow without fear of precipitation entering the vehicle, and also offer the additional benefit that if I crack the windows, others won’t be able to see that they’re open, and are less likely to bother the vehicle or attempt to reach in.  

The tint I chose to add to the vehicle is a 5% limo tint on the rear windows, portholes, and rear windshield, so I can sleep and change in the back without being seen.  That said, different states have different laws surrounding the legality of this tint, so it may open me up to harassment and tickets in the future.  I have dwelled in a prius before without tint where I used measured blackout shades to block all windows — I found this to be unwieldy and a hassle and personally not worth the time and effort.     

I’ve worked out a pretty good interior setup for the Prius that allows me to access things I need readily.  I compiled a list of my camping supplies here, which includes things I will reference below.  

Let’s move from the back forward.

The Prius has ample space under the trunk divider and above the spare tire.  Some folks opt to remove the spare but I plan to keep it just in case.  Above the spare, I keep my least-used items, and items I would not need if I am being inconspicuous, because it would involve me opening the hatch and rummaging through the trunk.  Here I keep items like my tent, spare hammocks, power bank, and vacuum cleaner.  

The passenger side of the trunk is devoted to my yoga mat and mattress and sleep gear like blankets, sleeping bag, and pillows.  I keep the mattress ⅔ laid out during the day to minimize the work I need to set up my sleep station at night.  Some folks opt to fold up their sleep situation every day — that just wasn’t for me, as I have no need for a full backseat.  

The driver’s side of my trunk is where I keep my clothes and other often-used items like books and electronics stuff.  This way I can just roll over and rummage when I need to change in the morning or evening.  

In front of the folded down passenger backseat, I keep a plastic bin with supplies I might need here and there — laundry pods, extra masks, nail clippers, etc.  On top of this bin I also place a reusable shopping bag with food supplies in it — clif bars, protein powder, shaker bottle, etc.  This I can access from the front seat if I am in need of a snack.  

Behind the driver’s seat, I keep the floor open for the most part so I can use the rear driver’s side seat to sit, change, work, etc.  I do keep my shower essentials bag here though for quick access to hygiene supplies.  

Up front, I usually opt to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in the driver’s seat door cup holder — strange times we are living in!  In the middle console, I keep all cords and electrical stuff.  In the middle console under the shifter, I keep tissues and odds and ends.  

I travel alone, so I loop a cooler around the front passenger seat, where I keep food and rolled up bags.  I also keep my backpack here, generally.  On the floor of the front passenger side, I keep drinks like water jugs and nutritional shakes if I need something on the road.  I also keep my front windshield sunshades and window screens readily available up here.  I love the Gen 3 Prius’ dual glove boxes.  I keep supplies and napkins in the lower glove box (gotta have your napkin fix), and travel souvenirs in the top glove box.  

I’ve found this setup to be the most intuitive for my personal needs.  Other folks opt to add more storage in the form of lockboxes or external carriers, or use the entire backseat for a bed, or use both front seats for two passengers.  Whatever the case, the Prius is a wonderful car to customize to meet your travelling needs.